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American Express Travellers Cheques

Prepaid Forex Card from International Travel House
Finally Freedom  from Fear of Foreign Exchange Hassles!!

Freedom from:
Loss or theft of cash
Rate fluctuations
Counterfeit or obsolete currency
Fear of wasting valuable time searching for moneychangers in the country of travel
Fear of a merchant refusing your travellers’ cheques
Overspending through use of credit cards


Get a prepaid Forex Card* from ITH and enjoy:
     Unparalleled security

  • PIN protected
  • Inform local emergency number & freeze card in case of theft
  • Insured for up to Rs 2,00,000 for loss of card

Instant access to your funds in local currency
Compact, easy to carry, easy to use card
Highly competitive foreign exchange rates
Choice of eleven currencies
A printable online statement recording all transactions for better accounting and budgetary control
Reloadable from anywhere if more funds needed
Usable for multiple trips for as long as five years…

Get a prepaid Forex Card from ITH and enjoy:
Purchasable from 8 ITH branches across India. Simple process. Instant activation
Zero Card Fee. Zero Load Fee. Zero Reload Fee.
Free Backup Card for use in case of loss of primary card.


Use the ITH Prepaid Forex Card to:
Pay for Hotel Accommodation, Dining, Shopping, Supermarket, Wellness, Relaxation and Recreational Experiences
Buy Air tickets or Train & Coach tickets
Withdraw cash for petty purchases from ATMs
Can even be used to pay University fees by Indians studying abroad. Ideal for parents!
Available in 11 major currencies. Can also be used for cross currency transactions
Honoured by 27 million merchant establishments and accepted by over 1.6 million ATMs worldwide.

Other benefits
After your trip either encash unused balance back into Indian Rupees or hold the card for up till 5 years within FEMA limit and use on subsequent trips
You may also transfer the unutilised balance funds to a Resident Foreign Currency (Domestic) Account

  11 Currencies Available
US Dollars

Swedish  Kroner

Euro Swiss Francs
Sterling Pounds Japanese Yen
Australian Dollars Saudi Riyal
Canadian Dollars AED Dirham
Singapore Dollars  

How to get your Travel House Forex Currency Card
Obtaining your  Travel Currency Cards is simple. Just connect with any of 8 designated International Travel House branches  across India, and our travel counsellor will assist you to complete the pre activation process.


Documents required:
Your valid passport and PAN Card (or Form 60),
Your destination visa and travel documents such as air tickets
Proof of current residential address if different from that in passport
Self declaration for availing Basic Travel Quota of Forex / LERMS  letter 


Get a Forex Card from Travel House and enjoy a tension free trip.


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